Asus 1215N under Debian 6 and Debian 7

FYI: This is legacy information. Since the Asus 1215N is an older model, I don't know if this interests many of you. I will keep it online for the sake of completeness. I switched to a Clevo W370ST, also under Debian.

Hardware Status under Linux Notes
Atom D525, 1.8 GHz, dual core works
2 GB DDR3, single channel works
Western Digital hard disk works disk permanently spins down and ignores all hdparm commands except disabling APM completely, this is what I did to solve the problem
Display, 1366x768 works
Touchpad works
Broadcom BCM4313 WLAN chip works use the brcm80211 driver
Atheros AR8152 LAN chip works use the atl1c driver
USB 2.0 controller (3 ports) works
VGA port works
HDMI port ? didn't test
Intel GMA 3150 graphics works
nVidia Optimus technology problematic you can disable Optimus manually via acpi_call which gives you at least 1 hour more running time
nVidia ION 2 chip (512 MB DDR3) problematic no support
Intel HD audio chip works
Card reader (SD, MMC) ? didn't test
Bluetooth 3.0 works
Webcam, 640x480 works

In February 2011, I got my new notebook, a 12.1" Asus 1215N. I chose this one because of its low weight and its (currently) superior hardware (for a netbook). I started with Debian 6 and moved to Debian 7. (I always use Debian Testing.)


User experience

I use Debian Testing (kernel 3.2 from the official repo) together with Xfce 4.10. The RAM usage is very moderate: immediately after startup, with NetworkManager and some panel applets loaded, the system consumes less than 128 MB memory. The software I use most of the time is gedit, Opera, LibreOffice, Pidgin, Terminal, and GCC. I also use Iceweasel, Eclipse, Netbeans, GIMP, Inkscape, VLC, Audacity, Hydrogen, FileZilla, Nemiver, and some other programs. All works smoothly, even watching full screen Flash videos (depending on the player). Also games are possible with integrated graphics: Bos Wars, Extreme Tux Racer, OpenArena, and OpenTTD work fine, only SuperTuxKart has a low frame rate (which probably is the fault of SuperTuxKart). Since kernel 3.1, the system is completely stable (before, the WLAN driver could cause kernel panics in certain avoidable situations).

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